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Crowds, Surfers & Sinkers

Here follows a personal round-up of the crowd surfing successes and failures of 2008.  It also gives me the chance to highlight a bunch of case studies that are too recent to have made it into the book … maybe Crowd Surfing II?  Alternative suggestions for any of the categories would be welcomed.  CROWD OF [...]

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Microsoft gets messy

Another article in praise of mess … this time from Alex Marks at Microsoft Advertising.  His key point is that by “allowing your work to get ‘messed up’” (by which he means allowing consumers to get involved in the creation and dissemination of a brand message) “… You’ll not only save yourself money but you [...]

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Eating the monster

I attended Adam Morgan’s excellent presentation at the Marketing Society’s breakfast this week.  He has dusted down the legendary Eat the Big Fish (which has probably earned its author more consulting fees than any other marketing book) and focused very cleverly on how challenger behaviour can help brands survive the recession. He described what could be considered a perfect [...]

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Consumer generated cliche

This is almost certainly not what the advocates of crowd sourcing had in mind, but my favourite maverick planner, John Griffiths, has come up with a new application for consumer generated content.  The big challenge facing any creative agency is to avoid generic or stereotypical advertising ideas … and the best way to identify these ideas?  … invite research respondents [...]

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