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Crowd Surfing Publicity Stunts

This list of stunts, put together by, includes some great illustrations of how to generate publicity by harnessing people’s willingness to participate in brand events.  The examples of collective action include 200 people acting as statues in New York’s Grand Central Station, flash mobs in Antwerp, female wannabe rock stars performing in their underwear and light shows created [...]

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The marketing team at Harley Davidson are great believes in the adage that they merely own the Harley trademark, whilst the brand itself is owned by their customers, especially the members of the Harley Owners Group (HOGs).  A participative approach to marketing is built into the DNA of the Harley business, governing everything from new product development [...]

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Crowd Surfing Innovation in Norway

I was invited to speak at an innovation conference in Norway this week, which gave me the opportunity to test Crowd Surfing as an innovation methodology.  My basic thesis was that empowered consumers are a brilliant source of R&D for any business, so long as it has the systems in place to involve them.  In fact, a [...]

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Amazon faces the mob

An interesting description of the Amazon book delisting story by Lisa Devaney.  This is yet another illustation of how, in the words of Jeff Jarvis, ‘mobs form in a flash’ in this hyper-connected age.  The news that Amazon had appeared to delist various books featuring ‘adult’ content led to an immediate Twitter-storm, online petition and blogging [...]

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Orchestral Manoeuvres

Take 90 musicians from around the world (selected through a public audition on YouTube), who have never met before, let alone performed together; give them three days of rehearsals and then put them on the stage at New York’s Carnegie Hall, to perform a newly composed work, the ‘Internet Symphony No: 1′. A great PR coup for [...]

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Always interesting

One of our favourite brands … the always interesting, crowd surfing, 42 Below, has applied its distinctive Kiwi sense of humour to London’s agencies …. And if you like this, here’s an earlier take on everything British 42 Below is a global phenomenon, built on the power of this type of viral marketing. In the [...]

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A Very West Country Rebellion

The Wurzel’s classic, ‘I am a cider drinker’, failed to mention the fact the cider drinkers are pretty conservative when it comes to their favourite tipple.  Mess with the brand, as Gaymer’s have done with Blackthorn, and you risk unleashing some cider-infused consumer empowerment.  In yet another attempt to make cider trendy, the smart marketing [...]

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Empowerment bites Google back

There is a wonderful irony in Google – the business model built on the wave of consumer empowerment – suffering from an empowered consumer protest.  Street View has attracted a great deal of comment – the best article I’ve read was written by Frank Skinner – and much complaint.  Now we have the story of how [...]

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