Monthly Archives: June 2010

Amplifying the volume of moaning

Interesting post from Ben Bold describing P&G’s frustration with the way that social media appeared to exagerate customer complaints about the latest Pampers product.  When looked at from a positive perspective, social media is ‘word of mouth of steroids’, but, as P&G has discovered, it can also ’amplify the volume of moaning.’  To paraphrase the old tree falling [...]

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Showing a human face

One of the ways that financial services businesses can rebuild trust is to show more of a human face.  And that means real humans, not the weird people in the pinstripe suits.  All too often, the hyper control freaks running most financial institutions prefer to rely on corporate anonymity, rather than allowing real people on the inside [...]

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FA fails news management test

The Football Association has provided a perfect illustration of how tight news management no longer works in the age of social media.  It had intended to formally announce the 23 England players selected to play at the World Cup on its official website, but failed to allow for the Twitter effect.  Theo Walcott, who was surprisingly not selected, had already [...]

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