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With a big enough hashtag …

… I could move the world The row over the UK government’s work experience initiative – in which the country’s leading retailers were supposed to provide work experience opportunities to young benefits claimants – rumbles on.  Despite the efforts of Chris Grayling – who for someone with a background in PR seems pretty hopeless at managing the [...]

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Survival of the Smartest

The vast majority of specialist social media agencies, founded during the heady days of the early social boom, will not survive the next couple of years.  Their business model remains reliant on selling basic, low margin monitoring and community management services that most clients can now handle in-house.  A few years ago it was relatively easy to [...]

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Why Engagement Is A Bogus Metric

He was a brand manager’s dream.  He’d turned up at a Guinness-sponsored rugby match wearing a Guinness hat and a Guinness t-shirt.  He couldn’t be more engaged with the brand.  The only problem … he was drinking a pint of Foster’s. That’s the problem with engagement.  It doesn’t actually mean a great deal from a hard-nosed commercial [...]

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Five Reasons Why Facebook Will Fail

1. The immutable, Darwinian law of new technology.  Remember when Sony dominated consumer electronics, IBM dominated PCs and Nokia enjoyed a 70% market share?  History has shown that technology-based businesses with dominant market shares and apparently bullet-proof business models will eventually be replaced by younger, more innovative versions of themselves. 2. Yogi Berra’s law of popularity.  The [...]


Joey Barton: A Hero for Our Age?

The emergence of Joey Barton as a social media commentator has taken all of us by surprise.  We expect the erudite and technophile Stephen Fry to have a point of view on all things social, but the former wild boy from Merseyside? Barton has argued that using Twitter has allowed him to circumvent a cynical media, talk [...]

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