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In Praise of Adhocracy

Like many smart ideas, Warren Bennis’ ’adhocracy’ – a word he devised to describe the antithesis of a rigid, centralised bureaucratic structure – has had to wait an extraordinary long time to become fully appreciated.  Bennis coined the word in 1968 in The Temporary Society (which he wrote with Philip Slater) to celebrate unstructured, agile and improvisational organisational models.  His [...]

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Digital Queue Jumping

According to The Observer, “Got a problem? Air it on Twitter and it could be solved instantly.” This headline will have come as no surprise to the social media fraternity.  Many have known for years that tweeting or posting comments about poor customer service allows them to ‘jump the queue’ when it comes to making complaints, but [...]

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Boris’ Messy Road To Victory

My most recent book Loose was partly inspired by a Tom Peters quote: “in an age when all value flows from creativity and initiative, we must imagine and embrace a model of leadership that is loose, open and perpetually imaginative.” It is difficult to conceive of a looser leadership style than that embodied by Boris [...]

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