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The end of the spinners

Few business functions have experienced the level of inflation in both status and salary enjoyed by the in-house PR professional. When I first started in the industry the corporate press officer was a relatively junior role, responsible for writing the chairman’s speeches and dealing with occasional press enquiries. The last 20 years has seen its [...]

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The Myth of Co-creation

Co-creation is one of the many myths propagated by the apostles of web 2.0. They would have us believe that millions of consumers are actively involved in the creation of ideas and concepts for their favourite brands. In fact why bother employing an agency creative team when there are millions of wannabe creative directors out [...]

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Death by Compliance

According to the Roman historian Tacitus, “the more corrupt the state the more it legislates.” The corporate equivalent is the weaker the corporate culture, the more it relies on rules, regulation and an all pervasive compliance function to try to control or police employee behaviour. We might accept that an expensive and overly bureaucratic compliance [...]

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What’s the point of HR?

W.L. Gore and Partners, the manufacturer of Gore-Tex, in addition to over a 1,000 other innovative products, has been described by Fast Company magazine as “the most innovative company in America.” It regularly comes top in rankings of the best places to work. Its founder Bill Gore believed in the importance of trusting people to [...]

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