Monthly Archives: December 2012

The power of the Christmas message

There is one Christmas marketing campaign that continues to stand head and shoulders above all of the commercial rubbish: Lowe SSP3′s work for the Colombian government. For the past few years the campaign has used the power of Christmas – and the insight that even the most hard bitten guerrilla fighter are likely to be [...]

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The magic hour

The agility and responsiveness of an organisation can be measured by its ability to respond to a customer enquiry, comment or complaint within an hour. Those clever people at the Harvard Business Review have established that businesses that respond to customer enquiries within the hour are seven times more likely to qualify a sales lead [...]

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The next big thing?

There have been plenty of false starts: for a time Quora looked liked being a contender, only to join all of the others on the list of social media platforms that almost made it.  But Pinterest – the visual social network – does look it will genuinely become the ‘next big thing.’  At present it is pretty [...]

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