The power of the Christmas message

There is one Christmas marketing campaign that continues to stand head and shoulders above all of the commercial rubbish: Lowe SSP3′s work for the Colombian government. For the past few years the campaign has used the power of Christmas – and the insight that even the most hard bitten guerrilla fighter are likely to be thinking about home and family at this time – to persuade FARC fighters in Colombia to demobilise.

This year’s campaign – Operation Bethlehem – involves the creation of beacons of light to mark safe havens for the wannabe deserters:

The campaign builds on the government’s previous initiative in which Christmas lights were left in parts of the Colombian jungle frequented by the guerrilla fighters. This simple use of Christmas imagery was enough to convince more the 300 fighters to demobilise.

A powerful insight. Brilliant execution. True ROI. Happy Christmas.

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