Recent consultancy projects

I have worked with a broad range of public and private sector organisations during my 25+ years as a marketing communications consultant. To give you an idea of the type of things in which I get involved, here is a snapshot of some recent projects:

LAUNCHING A NEW E-COMMERCE BRAND – Protein World has become the fastest growing brand in its category. I was heavily involved in the pre-launch strategic planning for the business, defining its brand positioning and developing an overarching communications strategy. I also helped the in-house team select a number of marketing agency partners – including PR and SEO.

DIFFERENTIATING AN ESTABLISHED BUSINESS IN A CROWDED MARKET – St. Christopher’s is a private school with a very distinctive approach to education. I worked with the school’s headmaster, teaching staff, pupils and governors to clarify its proposition and come up with a clearer and more relevant articulation of its point of difference. One of my key strategic recommendations was for the school to become ‘digital by default’, encouraging it to embrace a range of digital technologies and invest in a new website. This adoption of what you might describe as a more professional approach to marketing has resulted in a significant increase in applications to the school.